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So Much Depends Upon a Mother

So much Depends Upon A Mother.

So much depends upon a mother.

To cook,

To read me books.

Teaching me how to swim,

Giving my hair a trim.

Getting me ready for school,

When it’s really hot, she lets me in the pool.

Showing me what’s right,

Telling me not to fight.

As you can see my mom knows I’m smart,

I love her with all my heart!

So much depends upon a mother.

The Irish Dresser Review

The Irish Dresser

By: Cynthia Neale

Do you like historical fiction books? I do! The Irish Dresser by Cynthia Neale is a fascinating book about a girl and her family who are very poor. They couldn’t afford to buy enough boat tickets so they put the girl into a beautiful, blue dresser. Unfortunately, her father and mother had to get off the boat and so did her grandmother, but a woman named Maggie took care of her until her family returned to her. I would recommend this great book for kids eleven and older that like historical fiction.

And So It Begins…

Just a quick romp through the last couple of weeks:

  • We’ve been updating and publishing to our individual blogs
  • You have all installed the Shelfari widget and written your first formal book review for it
  • All of us are now registered for the March ’11 Student Challenge
  • We’ve taken a look at our blogging rubric to be used for an occasional graded post

And… drumroll… wait for it…  Sarah’s “About Me” page was linked to in Miss W’s First Challenge.  What a start, Sarah!  Woot-woot!

In looking through both the student challenge #1 and the class challenge #1, I can already tell that we are going to be… challenged.  I admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed, but we’ll get to it all in our own time.  Thankfully, we get to proceed at our own pace.

Start your engines, folks – we’re off!

PS) Speaking of Shelfari, I’d love a volunteer to write a review to add to our class blog’s widget on Al Capone Does My Shirts.  Any takers see Mrs. O.

Check-Check-Check It Out!

Wow – we did it!  You have all posted your introductory blog post on your own blog.  What an exciting time!  I loved sitting at home on my couch reading what you wrote about yourselves.

Here are a few that stood out to me for various reasons.  Please take the time to read the following students’ introductions to see what you can learn from them:

Sarah: Notice her great blog title and the level of detail in which she describes herself while staying safe.

Emmy: Notice her unique voice in her writing style – she writes like she speaks, doesn’t she?

Jesse: Notice that he also has his own distinct writing style – no one could mistake this post as belonging to anyone but Jesse!

Thanks to you all for being so patient as Mrs. O and Mrs. A figure out how to manage this blogging business, and congrats to all on overcoming all technical difficulties to make your first post.  Next week: get your own widgets and update your blogrolls!

Go Blogging Bunch – It’s Your Birthday!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been clamouring for… your very own blogs!  Yay!  Fantastic work thus far!  Do you realize all that you have accomplished in a short amount of time?  You have successfully figured out what a blog is, how to use one, how to remain safe while “out there” on the Internet, how to make connections with others that are blogging, how to leave meaningful comments that elicit conversations, and much more.

Now your learning curve will get even steeper as you step into being an administrator of your own blog!  Today we will:

  • each learn our own blog address
  • change the theme to suit our unique personalities, and
  • write our first post.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.  Happy blogging!

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Each student chose three blogs to follow and many of us saw interesting widgets we want on our blog. We got some like the revolving globe but there are many more we would like. Some include the little pets and the red button. Widgets are interesting little pictures or apps on the side bar of a blog. On our blog roll are some blogs that may have widgets you like, and I hope we can get some more widgets on our blog. What are some widgets you may like? Also if  you think of any new ideas for our blog  please comment.

Fitness Testing

During this part of the year grades 6 and up are doing their Physical Fitness testing .  You have to do a certain number of  exercises on two levels, Fitness and Presidential Fitness. We have completed our sit-ups,  shuttle run, and our mile run. We still have to complete our  sit & reach,  broad jump, push-ups and chin ups. Phew, that’s hard work!  The testing was created by Ronald Regan and Arnold Schwarzenegger to keep kids in shape.  We work hard on our testing , what do you work hard on? Do you do the physical testing?  If not what do you do to keep in shape?